If You're Not Using Infusionsoft™ and Marketing Automation To It's Fullest,
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Here's How You Can Stop Wasting Money AND Start Making More In 2018!

  • You're spending thousands of dollars a year on Infusionsoft, but you KNOW you're not getting everything out of it you should
  • You KNOW this is also costing you sales and profits because you're not utilizing Email Marketing to its full potential
  • You KNOW you're tired of spending money and time you don't have because of this inefficiency

Almost EVERY InfusionSoft User 
Has This Problem!

Infusionsoft is the gold standard. It does things no other service can, and is designed to help your business generate a ton of sales and revenue every month.

And the people at InfusionSoft know it. They know what their software is capable of... and they've priced it that way.

The problem is, the majority of users NEVER take advantage of all of InfusionSoft's capabilities! 

They usually figure out how to do a handful of things, and leave it at that.

If this sounds familiar, then you're spending top dollar for a premium solution you're not REALLY using!

"You bought Infusionsoft, but you're marketing automation is no better than Aweber - yikes!"

Even worse, you're leaving a LOT of money on the table and not generating the sales and revenue your business could and should be generating.

And the funny thing is, it wouldn't even take you a lot of extra time to make that extra money.

That's the beauty of InfusionSoft. All of that extra cash generation can be automated! Once you know what you're doing, you can use the power of InfusionSoft to create 'set it and forget it' processes that generate revenue for you automatically, 24/7!

Imagine getting your business to a point where you're able to wake up every morning, or check your email every afternoon, and see cash coming into your business THAT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER FOR!

THAT'S the power of Infusionsoft. That's why you pay for it what you pay every month. And if you're not taking advantage of it, you're simply working harder for less money.

2018 is the time to put Infusionsoft to work for you, instead of against you...

  • If you're ready to get off the "working harder for less"
  • If you're ready to maximize the sales and profitability of your business through automation...
  • And if you're finally ready to use the full power of Infusionsoft to make that happen...

Then I'd like to welcome you to...

Designed for Busy Business Owners

The Automation Club is designed for busy business owners just like you who are ready to use the power of InfusionSoft to make more money in less time with the customers they already have!

You see, unlike others telling you that you always need more...

MORE... Traffic.

MORE... Leads.​

MORE... Customers.

We actually believe you've already got all of the traffic, the leads and the customers you need to double or even triple your business! That doesn't mean we won't help you get more, of course we will, but lets plug the holes in your funnel first.

Besides, chasing after MORE all of the time, you're absolutely certain to find it...​ and create it...

more... Overwhelm.

more... Frustration.

more... Leaks in your Funnel!

But you can't add just jet fuel to a Cessna trainer plane and expect it to fly like a Jet! First we need to refine your existing systems and marketing so that you're truly getting the most out of what you've already got.

And guess what?

This is actually the fastest method to double your sales! Statistically we​ have consistently seen my clients make 2x or even 5x more sales selling to their existing client base than to new, cold traffic which they have relationship or connection with.

The numbers do not lie.​

Some of the features you'll get with your 
membership to The Automation Club...

Each month you'll receive a beautiful, full color, elegant monthly automation print newsletter showing you, step-by-step, how to take the elements you already have (Infusionsoft and your mailing list) and make adjustments to them which will allow you to generate maximum revenue day after day.

Monthly LIVE Webinar training. Each month, exclusively for TheAutomation.Club members, we'll get together on a live training and Q&A session. This gives you live access to me to get the help you need or answer any questions you have! These are high quality trainings. In fact, we sell them to non-members for $99, but they're yours for FREE!

Each issue of TheAutomation.Club automation newsletter is jammed full of actionable content that you can put to use NOW and includes bulleted action items so you know exactly what to do!

Within the first few weeks, you'll see these changes begin to take hold in your business, and you'll develop a new found understanding for exactly how to leverage Infusionsoft in your business.

Over $199 value of FREE video training is also included with your Automation Club membership and a free signed copy of Troy's #1 Best-Selling Book, Infusionsoft Mastery as well.

Save 20% on other products and services we offer - including software, training and special events we host. Club members will always get first dibs and the best pricing!

Early Bird Notifications on upcoming trainings, products and services from any of Troy's or Ryan's Infusionsoft-based companies. As an Automation.Club member, you'll always here it first and pay less...

A daily dose of timely, relevant Infusionsoft and business-building advice from my daily email newsletter. This newsletter access alone is worth more than the entire Automation.Club subscription and is highly respected by the subscribers and industry alike.

Content You Can Actually Implement!

And the best part is, as the content that comes each month, and you're able to implement the brief, easy action plans that come with it, the revenue will continue to increase!

No fluff. Remember, each of these weekly monthly automation newsletters is designed to to be to the point, ACTIONABLE training - we know you don't have time for fluff!

No Overwhelm: We also know that the last thing you need in your busy schedule is more overwhelm and stress! That's why this is the perfect dose of information and implementation, without overwhelm.

...because we know that sometimes it's more important what you don't get!

What You Won't Have to Worry About...

A crazy, insane schedule of 2-hour long webinars of fluff and promotion, endless banter and a time-wasting hostile takeover of your schedule that leaves you struggling to actually get anything done! 

Misleading so-called "training" webinars that are really just marketing sales pitches in disguise. You know the type. They start with a special "guest" that supposedly just came on to help you. Ya right. Next thing you know it's a 90 minute pitch fest! We don't have any guest presenters, just real, high quality training.

Within a few months, you'll look back at your numbers before joining The Automation Club and realize just how much you were missing out on!

Perhaps the most surprising part of The Automation Club is the price... just $49 monthly.


~ Membership Benefits ~

Because you're a Charter Member of The Automation Club, you only have to pay $49/month — that's only about $1.50 a day — "chump change" for the Infusionsoft wisdom and experience you'll be getting every month!

And that price will NEVER increase for as long as you remain an active member! 

We will be raising the price to $79 monthly in the near future. But before we do, we want to give those early adopters like yourself an opportunity to become Charter Members and help me shape the direction of The Automation Club.

Just one little nugget of actionable content could add hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue to your business​... this month!  This will be one of the wisest investments you'll ever make in your Infusionsoft experience.

  1.  Full-Color Print Newsletter: Simple, practical education and automation advice you can use TODAY!
  2.  Monthly Action Items: Each issue not only educates and informs, but gives you simple, clear, actionable content you can put into practice!
  3. Exclusive Bonus [$258.99 value]: You get a signed copy of Troy's #1 Best-Selling Book, Infusionsoft Mastery & accompanying video training.
  4. 20% Club Member Discounts: Receive discounts on other trainings, products and services exclusive only to Club Members.
  5. LIVE Monthly Training: Exclusive monthly webinars for TheAutomation.Club members only!

Secure Payment

I understand that I'll be charged just $49 per month and that this is a monthly recurring obligation. I understand that I can cancel at any point, but that no refunds are issued & that I must cancel two business days prior to the bill date.

LIMITED TIME BONUS for Charter Members!

A special ground-breaking new #1 best-selling book  just for you...

Infusionsoft Mastery:
The Definitive Best Practices and Strategic Implementation Guide

As a special gift for all Charter Members, we will be sending you a signed copy FREE OF CHARGE!

Infusionsoft Mastery is an International #1 Best Seller in 3 countries on Amazon and has received much praise by industry experts, top marketers and beginners a like. We guarantee you won't be disappointed — no matter what your experience level!

This is a real, physical book, not an ebook, and sells for $59.95 separately on Amazon.com!

What People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer
"We run dozens of Infusionsoft accounts for 6, 7 and 8-figure clients and the knowledge of Troy Broussard is an absolute game changer - and has already saved me so much time, improved attendance for our webinars, boosted conversions and helped us segment our campaigns even further.

Taylor Welch

Advanced Funnel & Infusionsoft™ Specialist

"...blew away my intended sales goal by 523%!"

Frank Rumbauskas

NY Times Best Selling Author of "Never Cold Call"

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
"Amazing knowledge of Infusionsoft..."

Heloise Laight

Canonbury Publishing, UK

"Massive thanks to Troy Broussard who clarified exactly how to track ROI adspend through Infusionsoft in a way I've never seen done before.

Naomi Kuttner

Solo-Entrepreneur, New Zealand

John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Automation Club Charter Membership

Don't miss out on this LIMITED opportunity to save 100's of dollars per year. We won't be offering this charter pricing much longer and we'd hate to see you miss out on it for less than you probably spend on coffee every month!

About Troy

Everything I do is Infusionsoft - I live, breathe & eat Infusionsoft!

Seriously, all three of my personal companies are in the Infusionsoft space and I sell from $39.95 a month SaaS software apps all the way to $120k per year private consulting, all within the Infusionsoft niche.​

I consult and mentor 7-figure and 8-figure private clients and even one client that has sold over $152 million. If it can be done in Infusionsoft, I've done it, teach it and probably have a Best Practice for improving it!

Troy Broussard
Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Founder IS Mastery & MyFusion Solutions
Ryan Chapman
Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Founder of Fix Your Funnel

About Ryan

Ryan started Fix Your Funnel with the One Click Up Sell solution he developed for the training company he and Trent started in 2007.

At that time it was more of a hobby than a business. He figured since he was developing cool stuff for their business and he heard so many people asking for the same kinds of things, why not set up a new Infusionsoft app and start offering what they were using for the training company.

Next came the SendOutCards integration, then SMS and phone.Ryan is married to Wonder Woman and has 6 wonderful kids! When he's not musing over marketing and ways to execute on marketing strategy, he loves playing basketball, longboarding and hanging out with his family.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partners, we bring a perspective of Infusionsoft from the inside. You'll know what we know and when we know it. You'll know what's coming and how to plan for it. Most of all, however, is that you'll have the leverage of a fully certified partner behind you.

Got a problem that has even us stumped? No worries. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we have special access to support for our clients, and that means YOU!

We Don't Just Teach It, We LIVE It...

Combined we have five separate businesses all running on Infusionsoft in multiple apps - it's in our blood. Beyond just using Infusionsoft, however, we also each own SaaS Companies that specializes​ in software development, tools and plugins specifically for Infusionsoft!

That means that you have a voice that can not only be heard, but can also help influence two of the leading software platforms in the marketplace dedicated to enhancing Infusionsoft.​

Don't Have Time?

Who does? But you've already chosen to invest heavily in Infusionsoft. Hiring Infusionsoft specialists and consultants is very expensive. We know your time is important and that is exactly why we've developed this training to be short, sweet and to the point as well as a print newsletter you can read anytime, anywhere.

Small, bite-size training nuggets and Best Practices strategic guidance that you can put to work for your business immediately. ​

A Time to Choose...

Now that we've laid out all of the features and benefits of The Automation Club, it's time for you to make a choice...

If you're happy with what you're currently getting out of Infusionsoft and your Email Marketing, you'll probably choose to pass on becoming a Charter Member.

On the other hand, if you want to reach that untapped potential in your business, and start making the sales and profits you deserve WITHOUT killing yourself to do it, now is the time to choose Charter Membership in The Automation Club!

Either, choose to...

Join Us & Others...

  • Learn to drive the Ferrari you bought (Infusionsoft) and get it out of 2nd gear!
  • Automate your sales & marketing to levels you never thought possible
  • Learn to track every penny and know your exact ROI for your campaigns
  • Improve your optins, your email delivery and user engagement
  • Become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners ready to help

Go It On Your Own...

  • Continue to struggle to make first-time and repeat sales
  • Continue to spend hundreds of dollars on Infusionsoft and NOT use it to its full potential
  • Continue to overpay consultants instead of learning how to do it yourself
  • Continue to take shots in the dark, instead of learning from someone that have 'been there and done that'!
  • Continue trying to do it by yourself...

Here's What You Get...

  • Monthly Full-Color Print Newsletter
  • LIVE Monthly Webinar Training!
  • Daily Infusionsoft & Business Guidance
  • FREE Copy of Infusionsoft Mastery book
  • FREE Access to Infusionsoft Training
  • 20% Club Member Exclusive Discounts


I understand that I'll be charged just $49 per month and that this is a monthly recurring obligation. I understand that I can cancel at any point, but that no refunds are issued & that I must cancel two business days prior to the bill date.

More Industry Feedback

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Troy and his team are first class..."

"I love the power of MyFusion Helper (from Troy's other company). Troy and his team are first class when it comes to customer service and their knowledge of Infusionsoft.

Troy also leads the local Infusionsoft User Group (here in Orlando) that I attend."

Christopher Yates
Photographer, Orlando, Florida

"True Marketing & Automation Ninja!"

"Troy is a true marketing and automation Ninja! His advice and guidance give me the ability to maximize my investment in Infusionsoft to grow my business."

Rachel Wall, RDH, BS
Founder of InspiredHygiene.com
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Troy's advice and support is off the charts..."

"Troy's advice and support is off the charts. I'm not the most technologically advanced Infusionsoft user, and he has been incredibly helpful and patient with my questions."

Nick Hansinger
Source Movement, Carlsbad, California

"Troy is one of those 'crazy types' that pushes the limits of Infusionsoft beyond what even IS thought was possible..."

"Troy is one of those 'crazy types' that pushes the limits of Infusionsoft beyond what even IS thought was possible. It's very much worth your time to check out what he does - and if you ever have an unsolvable issue, it's likely he can solve it for you..."

Will Mitchell
Co-Founder, StartupBros.com, Tampa Bay, Florida
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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P.S.:: If you're wondering whether or not to sign up, think about this... it only costs you a single, solitary dollar and you're going to get a copy of Infusionsoft Mastery (which costs more than the $49 monthly membership) AND you'll lock in the low $49 monthly rate (before it goes up to $79 a month)​.